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You have travelled far and wide for the perfect planet. Have you found the sublime place to plant yourself?

Travel 'Down to Earth' in this third person platformer, vividly rendered environments test your ability to reach what could be the best place you have ever planted yourself. 

Created by the following 5 for the Epic Mega Jam 2019:
-Michael Hyman
-David Nicholls
-Liam Grice
-Sarah Hull
-Shaun Baker

Published 14 days ago
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Tagsartgame, nature, Stealth

Install instructions

Controller partially supported (In game, not menus).

Keyboard and Mouse. 


PixelCollective_Planted_1_0.zip 885 MB


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This game is beautiful, the colors, the lighting, all of it. I found myself more then once panning the camera around to admire everything. I'm not the best at platforming, but I honestly found myself loving every second of it. I think it's a really neat idea and I hope to see more like this. Check out my video of it below:

We really appreciate all the kind words and awesome play through of the game. Definitely saw some parts to improve on while you were playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)


Hi!! Are you open to talk about your creation process of your design and your gameplay? Im a video game student from Montreal, Canada and Im doing a research on video game design. We can chat about your game and give it some visibility in the database of my research group for others who want to learn more about original design!

We were primarily a team of artists, the design is not something we held to be a focus or that great, it could have definitely have used more love. If there is anything specific you would like to know then please feel free to ask :) 

Perfect !!! It could be great to know about your artistic visions about your creation. How did you get this idea? Can you tell me more about how your artistic thinking  influenced the conception ?

A few things to polish but overall this is one of the coolest entries I played. Damn those mushroom people, waiting for a sequel when we'll get some plan weapons to take them all out! :)

All of the team watched your run through, very entertaining and frustrating at times, surprised you stuck it through but glad you did. Awesome. 

Really appreciate the coverage and video, it helps us make improvements and we do plan to have a streamlined build that fixes and addresses a lot of the issues you found! 



Hehe, of course I stuck through it, I finished Planted twice. Life finds a way. :) 


Ok, aside from HATING the range and collision size on the Mushroom monsters, This game was great. The atmosphere and lighting was amazing. Who knew those megascan objects could still look good that blown up to size. and the platforming felt really nice. Definently in contention to win this megajam.

Appreciate it! Yeah the Mushroom dudes were a quick attempt at adding more difficulty to the game, but ended up adding to that unfair feeling which isn't great. 

We only used megascans for the mushroom dudes head, all other meshes were made during the Jam :) 

There are a lot of great entries but we had a ton of fun seeing how high quality we could get and how much content we could churn out. 

Thanks again for the kind words and really appreciate the feedback. 


Woah! all the other meshes were hand made? I swear the way your description read was "Megascans used", which makes it sound like it was used for everything. You should totally make it clear that it was only for the mushroom head because thats a shit load of other work that will be glanced over if people think it was just scaled up megascans. Great work then on all those assets :)


Wow! Great

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! 


good projet !